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(When you sign up for the second and third class at the same time, you receive a $50 shop credit toward a kayak!)


Let’s Talk Kayak Fishing!
(New Class Coming Soon!)

This is the First Class in the Series of Classes

This free event with Captain Kirk & and Captain Mitch is a discussion about everything you wanted to know about kayak fishing. This is a land based class, we will not be going out on the water during this first introductory event.

In this class we will cover:

  • Frequently asked questions about Kayak Fishing
  • The best options to outfit your kayak
  • Selecting the perfect kayaks for Fishing and all your needs
  • Staying safe Water Rules and regulations

The Kayak Fishing Difference (For those of you who currently Fish):

  • No Gas Needed (Arm Power, it’s good for you)
  • Everywhere is accessible
  • Perfect for the complete kayak fishing novice

No Kayak Experience needed to take this class. Our class is taught at our shop, and is all land based, we will not be going out on the water during this class.  Meet at the shop at 6:00 pm for the start of class.

This class is Completely FREE – But you do have to call the shop and Sign Up, before we Fill Up!  Call 352-621-4972.
Deadline 48 hours in advance of the class date.




Our Second in our Series of Kayak Fishing Classes

“Kayak Fishing – Getting Ready!”

(New Class Coming Soon!)

Your Basic equipment: Lures, Preferred Knots, Selecting the Right Rod, Reel and Line, Rigging your equipment, and more…

This class is a great “before you go out on the water for your first time” class. It is the follow up class to “Let’s Talk Kayak Fishing! Only $25

Sign up for this class and the third class as the same time and receive a $50 Chop Credit toward a kayak.

This class is held at the Shop – Please call the shop to reserve your spot, at least 48 hours before the class date!

Call the Shop at: 352-627-4972


Third class in the series
Kayaking Fishing – Getting on the water!
(New Class Coming Soon!)

Captain Kirk and Captain Mitch will take you to the best spots, then work with you step by step as you kayak fish for the first time. They will explain what types of lures to use for what fish, and the best practices to go home with a catch, or to release a fish safety. Expect to see a range of fish from redfish, sea trout, cobia, jack crevalle, snook, and even sharks! Fishing from a kayak can be quite a great experience.

In order to take this class, you must be physically fit enough to paddle for at least hour. If you do not have your own Kayak, you can use one of ours at no cost.

This class is a good follow up to the first two classes in this series, Let’s Talk Kayak Fishing! & Kayak Fishing – Getting Ready!
Only $75!

Once when you sign up for the 2nd and 3rd class in the series at the same time you will receive a $50 Shop Credit toward a kayak.



Remember the first class is FREE!